Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Mad hatter

I'm sitting at Mad Hatter. If someone doesn't know what that is because they aren't a Durham resident then you should know its a little bakery that sits next to ninth street, one of the most popular places where Duke students hang out. It has wireless and nice little rows of plugs where you can plug your computer in. I walk here from my house all the time. They have these really good shortbread cookies that are decorated with bright colors and sprinkles. Right now the cookies are having a New Years theme. I'm listening to Cold Play for the first time in awhile.
I've been staring at this one group of people for the entire time. Two guys, one who I never see his face. The other faces towards me. He has a very small head and spiky black hair. Two girls sit between them. One is blond and really thin. I learn in a few minutes it is her birthday. The other woman is bigger and black haired. They fit around a square table really well. It has just accrued to me that I really want a cup cake. I know I shouldn't but I really, really want one. The blonde woman is laughing really hard at something the tiny headed man just said. They can't tell I keep glancing at them. Flowers sit next to the blonde woman. The man closest to me is leaning back in his chair. He never turns around. I look away for awhile. When I look back all four are laughing. The blonde woman keeps trying to interject. "My aunt." the man facing away says something. They all laugh except the blonde woman who tries again, "My aunt." No one hears her. The black haired woman says something to quiet to hear. No one laughs this time. The blond tries one more time and achieves her goal. I didn't here what she said I went to go get my cupcake. It was really good. I got a chocolate one with green frosting. now my stomach hurts and i'm really full. Ugh. When I get back all have left and are cleaning up there plates except the black haired one. Her phone rings. She nods, "Yeah, I know were going to have to figure that out wont we. No the production date isn't for awhile, yes, ok, by mom." She rolls her eyes as the small headed man comes back. She stands and they all start walking towards the exit. Now to the two women sitting next to me. On is talking on her red cell phone while the other is applying to much makeup. She just noticed me looking at her, shit, she smiled with her over done lips. I'm sure she's very nice. Now i feel really bad. For some reason Across the sea - Weezer, which i'm listening to right now is really fitting. The woman who smiled is talking to her friend. "She just clings on to me and is like you saved my life, your the best thing to happen to me." The other woman is like, "Yeah its a roommate friend roommate thing, you never know where you stand." They also don't know i've been watching them since they sat down. Coffee places is a weird idea. My stomach still hurts from the cupcake. I have to leave now. Go with my little brothers to the museum. I wonder if that man sitting across from me on his dell laptop has been writing about my obsessive writing. Probably not, i'm just a very self centered person. No I don't think he is, he just waved at the manager. Ok now I really have to leave. I'll be back soon - Rebecca

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Easy Bake Ovens

Christmas is over. I didn't have that much after holiday sadness as I did last year. Still I look at the stocking lying in my room and I can't help but sigh. I was so excited and I have to wait so many months until its Christmas again. My little Brothers got an Easy Bake Oven. It's a cheap plastic thing that I had to point out to my mom was indeed pink. The spreaders inside were pink the packaging was all pink. But that doesn't really matter. We already know that my brothers clean the windows when they have a free moment. When I looked at my mom and tried to tell her that easy bake ovens were a girl thing she shook her head and was said, "Well your brothers are going to have an identical twin cooking show, It's going to be huge they are going to make us rich." She laughed. Mind you, my brothers are only three. It has been for awhile my position of getting my parents rich. Not like were not well off already, it's a stupid family inside joke that anyone outside our little six person circle could care less. I'm not saying i'm proud of our little inside joke,because i'm not, I just like being one of those families who can laugh at other families w/ out there inside jokes. About a year ago whenever I would ask him for money for coffee i'd have to remind him, don't worry i'm buying you an Island. I am the only girl out of four kids, and as my nine year old brother only wants to go to MIT and then become I scientist he's probably not the one making the big bucks. Me on the other hand, could pull off something. I turned to my mom and told her jokingly that it was unfair that Leo and Oliver got to get them rich. Oh wow i've completely sidetracked away from what I was meaning to talk about. Back to the Easy Bake Oven, i'm sure everyone is bored by now but.. I have always wanted an Easy Bake. I was a timid little kid and when I hit the age of ten and found out about easy bake ovens I realized that it was the thing that I was lacking. But, a fifth grade kid who wants an easy bake oven is not that normal. So I bottled up my want, I might have mentioned it once or twice saying they were cool or interesting but never did I come out and just ask for one. Maybe if I had asked for one my life would be different. I would be baking many little pies and brownies in my little pink oven. From that I would realize my dreams could come true and that I could achieve. Who knows if I had gotten my easy bake oven in fifth grade now I would be doing something really worthwhile instead of sitting at my computer 7 hours a day. I was thinking all this as I inspected the oven's box in the middle of the living room. My brothers had wandered off in after christmas hysteria to go watch a Thomas the Tank Engine movie. My brother had left to go play Halo 2 on the other TV and I was left with my parents. "You could have just asked for one," My dad pointed out when I told him that they had never granted my wish. "I would have gotten you one of you really wanted it that badly. It's not some elaborate expense." I shook my head sadly and opened the box staring at the beauty within. "Can I play with it now?!?" I asked. My mom laughed in a disbelieving way, she couldn't tell I was being serious or not. I think she hoped I was kidding. I set the oven up and my littlest brothers came to help. We started by making the chocolate brownies. We heated the oven up with the light bulb and we stirred in the water. It cooked in 13 minutes. By that time my brothers had lost interest and had wandered off back to there movie. I ran upstairs to look up homemade recipes, and as I did my brain raced. I can make my own inventions, I can cook whatever I want. What if i put in... no... or this.. no. I found many good web sites i'll post them below if anyone would like to use there mini ovens. I made four cakes that day. It took and hour to make all of them and 25 minutes to clean up. I haven't touched The Oven since. - the best Easy bake oven so far. If you find any others post please!

Listening to a lot of Postal Service lately (thanks Georgia) I can't tell if I love them or just like them. I like Death cab a lot better I can say that for sure.

- just to be warned this isn’t read through so i applogize for it making no sense. Ok i need to finish hw and call people for my hypothetical new years party :) hehe- Rebecca

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Hey, thought i'd test this out and see how it goes. I don't know what 'this' is going to be yet. I don't even know if i'm going to show this to anyone quite yet. There's something about typing, it so much easier to get everything you want to say down instead of writing. Finnaly my hands can keep up to what i'm thinking. But, this is not going to be my online journal where I talk shit about people and my life. As I said I have no idea what this is going to be. So if you happen to fall in to this website for some reason or another then i'm glad, stay awhile. Right now i'm bored and i figured writing endlessly to an online board would make it better. See, now i feel like i should read over what i just wrote to see if it made sense. I hate doing that. I'm sorry if this makes no sense and everything I just don't want to read over what i just wrote. I can already see Georgia laughing at me. ::sigh:: I should start on some homework...if you would like to know my top 5 songs for this moment are as follows...
1. Death of an Interior Decorator - Death Cab for Cutie
2. Mr. Brightside - The Killers
3. They'll Soon Discover - The Shins
4. Jesus etc. - Wilco
5. The Way We Get By - Spoon