Friday, January 21, 2005


It's Friday. It's around 11 at night and I'm tired. My lights are out and i'm staring at my computer. The blinds are closed so I can't see the small blanket of snowflakes lying on the windowsill. I've gotten in a bad habit of coming home and sitting with my computer with the lights off. I write better, and think better when there's darkness.

I always want it to snow at night. If you look out the window behind our couch you can see the church next door. Everything is dark except the steeple which is lighted. That's the only way you can tell it's snowing. Last year Dad and I sat on the couch watching Iron Jawed Angels. When It started to snow I walked outside barefoot on our porch. Ian is always outside when its snowing with his other neighborhood friends. I remember standing outside and waving across the street. Then slowly sneaking back inside to finish the movie.

It's so much more peaceful at night. This is why last night I stayed up until it started to snow. I was the only one awake in my house and I waited. As if me seeing the first snowflake fall would make the snowfall that much better. When I finally saw the snow fall at around one it was great, and disappointing. It only snowed about half and inch, but I watched that half an inch snow in the street light next to our house. Then I went to bed about an hour later, pulling the covers close. I lay there for a moment before slowly drifting off.


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