Saturday, January 22, 2005

Here Comes The Sun

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I've been hanging around my kitchen eating chinese food. Next week I promise my posts will be better than tonight's and yesterdays! I will be back to normal hopefully once all this homework is done and my grandmother has left. Don't give up hope!! I wish I could be writing every second but this weekend isn't giving me that option. It's hard because i'm already so used to being able to write like this every day.

Today we celebrated my mom's birthday. It was on Tuesday officially but we got presents today. My mom and brothers went out to a family birthday party so it ended up being me, dad, and grandma at home. I somehow became in charge of wrapping all the presents in my dad's study.

My dad listens to the classics. All the ‘classics’. Bob Dylan, Beatles, Aerosmith, Elton John, 10,000 maniacs, Steve Earl (obsessively). If it is counted on a top 100 artists list he listenes to them. I’ve tried to brouden his horizens but the farthest he’s gotten is buying Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and promising to listen to it. I have so many clear memories of riding in our old red Miada blasting Copperhead Road. Copperhead Road, god, such an amazing kick ass song. Those are the songs my dad listened to fifteen years ago, those are the songs my dad listens to now. It was all I knew and loved for most of my life. While sitting in my dad's study wrapping presents I opened the window and turned on the Music. The stuff I used to love listening to.

By the time Lynard Skynard had reached the Sweet Home Alabama chorus I was in to it. Go You're Own Way only made my mood better as I wrapped a few more. How brilliant these artists are, that they provoke such emotion in me. Every song reminded me of that one time when... They reminded me of things when I was little and could hear through the walls of my parent's room. Lying in my parent's bed reading as we all fell asleep to Joni Mitchell. Dream On being played on repeat on my dad's computer. I loved watching my mom's face light up as Candy Everybody Wants came on the radio. I loved watching my parents know these songs. If my parents knew them and loved them that much then they were cool. I felt as if me knowing them too would make me understand them better. I used to think that's why I enjoyed them. But tonight, as I was so joyful listening to these old songs I realized that wasn't the case. These songs have turned in to mine now. These are the songs that also make me smile along with my parents. Things like songs carry such burdens with them. Who knew that in three minutes I can replay my entire life with memories, just by hearing a tune. This is also the case with newer songs... but not in the same way. They touch me so deeply, and strongly compared to anything else. They grip my heart and make my mind race. Maybe i'm weak that way. That a song has so much control over the way I think. I don't know, maybe some philosophical meaning is coming from this. That me listening to These are the Days is a way to remember the childhood that is slowly slipping away. But I just don't think so somehow. I do know that I love these songs and they provoke a feeling I love.
I closed my eye's and sat on my dad's shelf letting Here Comes The Sun finish up. When the last note slowly ended I got up and pressed replay, just to hear it one more time.

Ok, this is my rambling. I've been working on this post slowly all night. I'm scared it makes no sense and is just a mess of words. For some reason i'm having difficulty conveying my emotions this weekend. I watched Shrek 2 tonight with some of my family. I wasn't paying much attention because supposedly I was working on my tip application when in reality I was writing about half of this. I kept plugging my ears trying to think of a word that would fit. That's why this entry is kind of broken I guess... or maybe it's just me.


Blogger Brett said...

Great post. My love of music was also kindled by my parents' music collection. I have fond memories of sitting in front of the record player, putting on albums with my mom. Elton John, The Who, the Beach Boys, Temptations...good stuff. As I get older and think about having a family, I always recall listening to records with my folks, and I know that I want to make listening to music one of those family activities that kids always think are cheesy but then later appreciate (hopefully). I really enjoy your writing style, and hope you keep it up.

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