Monday, January 17, 2005

Hold him in the light

My school is fucked up. Seriously, amazingly, wonderfully, fucked up. We have school on Martin Luther King day for a fine reason. Instead of slacking off and hanging around we will celebrate the person for which the holiday is named after. Its a nice idea and we only have a half day any ways. No classes, only an entire school celebration.

Me and about seven other kids today were presenting about MLK jr. and other influential black voices. There we stood a group of four boys four girls. One black all the rest very very white. And we're all singing and snapping along to a rap that two of the boys wrote. And I look at Dru who's up there with me and she's laughing and I'm smiling and the audience starts to clap and laugh. Ryan who wrote half of the rap is dancing with a microphone. His feet move back in forth and he's getting in to it. Henry's clogs are working hard as the little kids look up in awe. This is the problem, at everyone of these school things I have the same feeling. It's one of complete and utter longing to never leave that moment. It's a moment that everyone is getting along. I'm not watching someone hoping or ignoring anyone. I close my eyes for half a second and bite my lower lip. Trying to savor the taste of this group of people. The kids, the parents, the teachers, all mix together beautifully. The rap finished and we continue. Everything is fine until Ryan comes to his quote. "when all of god's children-black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles..." He pauses looks up. He did nothing wrong but soon the entire room erupts. And the 8 of us standing on the stage have completely lost focus. Our entire thing has stopped so we could laugh at something Ryan didn't even say. It seemed a lot longer than it actually was. All of us and the crowd gasping for breath. Finally he starts again with much difficulty. "Catholics and Protestants-will..."

Dru got to read my favorite quote from King. Whenever I watch him deliver his Promise land speech I get goose bumps. However stupid that sounds... I think It is the most beautiful speech of his. She was reading that last part maybe i'll post it in sometime. And I wasn't thinking about King, or about school, or about all the memories I usually remember. Instead I was just laughing and smiling just because. Because were all fucked up, and were all hanging around knowing how fucked up and amazing and great what we've got is.

Dru pauses and Samantha says sadly, but with a hint of hope, "He was assassinated the next day." Another pause and then we snap three times and start in to the chorus of the rap....

Walk this way says doctor king
We wont stop till we hear the freedom bells ring
He Sacrificed his life for what he knew was right
That's why today we hold him in the light



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your writting. when i write it seems like i just borrow styles from people i think my teachers would like and it doesnt really seem like its coming from me. If i did use my own style i hope it would be as good as yours. I seriously feel like i was there its amazing. I'm not just building you up either, you have a great way of describing things. I have a weird feeling when i read something of yours its like im proud of you or something. ttyl kaab

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