Sunday, January 30, 2005

Saturday Night

Ah.. Math class... "Hey What are you doing today Rebecca?"
"Um tonight I think i'm going to fencing if..."
"Hey,What are you doing today Rebecca?"
"I told you I'm probably going to fencing tonight..."
"Hey!!! What are you going to do today Rebecca?
"Oh!!! Whatever I feel like I want to do Gosh!"

"Dru give me some of your tots..."
"No I'm hungry!"

"Will you bring me my chap stick?"
"Eww gross, gosh!"

And my personal favorite... "Your mom goes to college!"

Napoleon sound board

Oh wow that movie needs to die already...

Its only Saturday and I miss people... not school, no. People. My parents are asleep and they have been since 9. There is nothing to do in my house.

Right now... Its already 11:30, I'm writing to a blog that no one reads, I'm talking to 4 people on IM, My parents,brother,and dog are all asleep. The later one on my pillow. My internet access isn't working very well, it's sleeting outside. My room is the messiest its been in awhile, and I'm tired. Fucking tired...

Probably seeing the Coma's on the tenth at the cradle... People should come I really don't want to be there all by myself. I'll burn someone the cd if they want to go! It's really great!

So stupid thing... I watched Win a Date With Tad Hamilton last night with Nina. There's this one part when Topher Grace (suddenly find myself loving him! He's perfect perfect... god i'm so lame. Its like when I swore to myself I didn't think Orlando Bloom was hot until I saw Pirates ... forgive me i'm tired ) is going to profess his love to Kate. And he's in her room and they're both like I need to tell you something. Topher lets her go first and she tells him she's going with Tad... and Topher is so close to not telling her. You hate it because you think he wont tell her right? Typical romantic comedy moment. Then, Then, he does this nod of the head and puts his hands in the air and is like, "actually there is something," and then he kisses her. But its not one of those kisses that are huge and romantic. It was different, better, cuter, sweeter. For some weird reason, Oh wow tomorrow i'm going to regret telling everyone about my thoughts... shit i'm so tired. So for this weird reason this kiss really stayed with me. I kept thinking about it and replaying it in my mind until the movie was over. I made Nina watch it again though she didn't want to. Then I kept thinking about it. So later today I found movie shots, frozen ones and I found the kiss. I stared at if for awhile trying to figure out what it was about it. What I kind of realized is that I want that. Maybe I just want Topher Grace which is completely possible...or I want a guy like that... or no... I want a kiss like that? Or maybe its none of that. Its just this once shot keeps sitting in my mind trying to be understood. all right, well i'll leave you with me making an ass out of myself. Maybe i'll speculate about it more later... and does anyone know what i'm talking about?


Blogger Shayna said...

No no no! I really do understand what you mean......... he really got me in that movie too. Don't ask me to explain it. I think that's what everyone wants. To have a perfect kiss......but it's different in different people's minds. I know how cliche that sounds. But its so true. It's such a mystery for me. I don't know what to expect.....I don't even know what I want. I don't think I'm making any sense.....but I think you understand what I mean.
I miss you too much to say and I love you more than that! Keep up the blog. It's my favorite.......xoxo

5:51 PM  
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