Wednesday, January 19, 2005


It snowed today. The minute I walked outside to go to third period It started. By the beginning of fourth period it was starting to stick. It ended up being me and about six other kids standing outside in the middle of the road freezing. No one expected us to go to class.

I'm really not in the mood to write today.

No one told me it was going to snow which made it that much better. As if because of my bad day someone wanted to surprise me. That made me feel special for some reason. As if the snow was really only for me. And then I felt kind because I was letting other people play in my snow. Selfish right? That's the kind of mood i'm in.

I'm talking to Nina online now. We're talking about Blue Coffee Guy. I saw him today when I walked there in the snow. I think he was listening to Iron & Wine. For some reason however stupid it sounds I really want to be in his presence right now. He calms me down. Right now i'm not to calm.

And everything just keeps getting worse and worse. Seriously it was really great for about two months then suddenly it had to get bad really quickly. People assume and make it worse. No one knows exactly what i'm thinking. I think I kind of like that.

Dru and I were trying to get to the heater today in the annex. She lies down on her stomach next to it and I jump on top of her. For some reason it was really funny.

At lunch we all went up to the annex. Georgia can't eat in front of guys. When Sam walked in she had to hide her food as if she couldn't show that she was eating. I had brought my computer and a group of us sat on the couches and watched the snow, blasting random songs from itunes. Once in awhile I got lost in my thoughts. I think I was acting weird. That's because everything felt wrong. The couch was really warm though. Ben was also very warm, I made him sit next to me.

Anna's mom drove us home early.

Last night I was taking this take home grammar test. Rachel had written sentences about everyone in the Class. One of the ones with my name was...Sweet Rebecca slid on the slippery stone. For some reason the sentence made me really upset. I kept reading it over and over in my head. Letting the words mess in to each other.

I just realized my windows open. I'm getting up to close it. The damn thing is broken. Its so beautiful outside. That makes me really happy. I still feel like the snow was for me. Haha, I think tomorrow wont be to bad. I'm sitting here in the dark grinning. I really have to study for my Romeo and Juliette test. I'll actually write tomorrow, or not. My grandmas coming, it's my mom's make up birthday, I have fencing, and the O.C. is on. So then again maybe not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey rebecca!!!

you said you wanted some comments so im gonna comment to make you happy! lol i miss you SOOOO much im so sad ur not going to camp and i dont see you that much. i love reading these cause i can imagine you saying this to me and i dont kno what im trying to say but hopefully youll understand. but i love reading these. theyre awesome. well i love you so muchas!! c ya call me

love ya

rebecca d

6:09 PM  

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