Thursday, February 03, 2005

...Its To Early For That Dress...

I love Courtney Love.

Hence the title

So we have a breakthrough. Nina and Eliza have figured out Blue Coffee guys name. It is completely perfect. If you know me then you could probably guess what it is. Mark, is god damn name is Mark. How fucking perfect is that. I'm exploding in my little world.

Keith, that comment made my day, no week. I wrote a reply as a comment. If anyone wants to check it out its in the comments section of the last entry.

So I was going to write more. And I have been typing, trying to write something for the past 3 hours, minus an O.C. break. Then I got upset and erased it. So this is just to say hi really. And to tell you all I feel like shit. But hey, i got in an 'argument' with michael because he wouldn't tell me what he thinks of the blog. So I was thinking about who really reads it any ways. I guess camp people and such. But who do those other people think I am? What am I like? What do I look like? Its interesting to think that all people get is the blog which in some cases might be more me than anything else.


Blogger Shayna said...

I think this blog is a really good way for people to see who you really are. You are so honest and upfront in it. It's really like you're just writing everything that you think. I think I've seen that side of you because camp brings it out in everyone. But for the people that haven't, this is the Real Rebecca. And If I didn't know you before, after reading your blog I would want to get to know you. Thats all I have to say. Love you...

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