Sunday, February 20, 2005

Truth or Fire

Shit... Listening to Jewel again... My mom told me about an hour ago to sleep and not blog. Psha so much for that.

Before I continue on my thread about religion i'm going to just talk. I need that tonight. You don't hate me do you? For reading what I wrote? I'd hate me, I just reread it, It's true but heartless and not very considerate. Read it with an open mind okay? And don't judge me completely on that even though i bet you already have.

Can I just say this post isn't very philosophical....

Oh wow I just realized i'm going to have to finish my religion talk tomorrow morning. Or i guess later today. ;) Its kind of late now and I'm way to tired to think.

Can I rant about the last day though... huh... um Friday was good fun. Adolescent Issues forum! Pat, the old head teacher came in and talked about teenage stereo types. It was actually really interesting, I was surprised at how well she held my focus.

You Make me Feel Like A Natural Woman... It's not me its a hologram, its not me its a hologram...

On the O.C. on Thurs. This song was played at the beginning. I bought it on itunes...Sam Roberts-No Sleep. I think I like it. It's weird. I felt very cool when i bought it. Georgia also turned me on to this song... Walking with a ghost-Tegan and Sara. I really like it, a lot a lot. So Lets see... Friday i skipped settling in to help out with the yearbook staff. Samantha bitched at all of us for awhile.

Oh! So this dream I had was about our school. Except it had levels and the lowest one was a sweat shop. Hannah really really liked Nate and she told me and I told him, and I also told him to not like her back. I don't know why because I didn't like him, i just didn't want hannah to like him. But Nate liked her but was respecting me so he pretended he didn't. Drama drama... I came in to school and kept asking Hannah, are you sure you don't like Nate? Are you sure? It was so real, everyone had their little quirks, little nods of the head. Ok that doesn't really matter does it. Friday at lunch I hung out with Nate and Ryan on the benches. Both being really cool actually. I'm sad that Nate and Sam are going to start going to the gym again once their suspension is done on monday. I'm going to miss talking with them, Nate especially, it was a place to talk to him if you know what I mean. Sam you can talk to whenever I guess. Aja,Sam,Sam,and Joe were all in Toni's room being as I stated, Ajar,Sam,Sam, and Joe. Most of you know what I mean. Hm I went home with Dru. Well first we went to Oo La Latte and this older black man was sitting at the counter. Dru was trying to figure out what to get and she turns to me and says abruptly "Hey!" and I respond "Hey!" and the man turns and says "Hey!". Dru and I look at each other and crack up. The man says "Everyone was saying it, I thought I should join in. Hey!" Me: Hey! Dru:Hey! Man: It could be a new rap, Hey! Hey! Hey!
A man walks in to the coffee shop. The Man turns to him, throws his hands in the air and exclaims "Hey!"

A Soldiers Story was what the play was called. Dru and I went after jumping around my room listening to music for four hours. We missed the first few minutes because of me finding a shirt. The play was good, but honestly I was looking around more than paying attention. I was searching for DSA people i knew, because that makes me feel powerful you see? After the first half Matt waved to me and came over. We stood there awkwardly for a few minutes, me, Matt, Dru, and Georgia. Then we kind of walked outside so Georgia could finally meet ryan. Hm Ryan didn't really talk. Matt was really really sweet though the entire time. He talked to me in the hall and then asked us to sit with him. The second half I kept looking over and smiling at him. Though the four guys were behind us and they kept whispering and being loud, so us three girls would put our heads in and start talking. Georgia: Omg matt is awesome! go for it! Me: ah, we'll discuss this later, Ryan is cute though. God were such girls. *sigh* but it was really fun actually, and the play was really well done. Afterwards Matt comes up to me and says "So guess what i'm doing tomorrow night!" And i asked what, and he told me about baby-sitting for 6 hours. I don't think he's ever come up to me and told me something like that. I'm always the one doing that. Hm.. That makes me really happy that he said that. When we were leaving we went to go say goodbye to the group of guys Matt looks at me and holds out his hand. "Come on, a hug?" He smiled. So I hugged him, which wasn't weird, it never is, never has been just hm.... not going to say anything else. When we got back in the car georgia spazzed. I mean spazzed completely. Hell yeah, she had just met Ryan, have you read their IM conversations? huh I have!

Ryan, not that one the other one called Georgia and they talked for an hour while I sat online and talked to the other Ryan. We got out Charlottes yearbooks and looked up everyone. Its weird how girls are more comfortable in confined spaces. We ended up moving to the bathroom to talk. We just sat on the tile floor talking for about two hours.

Today we went to the guys Basketball game championship. Georgia's Dad drove us to Raleigh and when we walked in Ajar didn't seem to happy to see us. We cheered hard we promise. Though we cheered louder than everyone else we still lost by... lets just say a good amount. I hated to see them upset though. The fourth years have worked so hard for this, and most of them, ok Sam and Nate, basketball is there life. I'm so sorry guys, that's all I feel like I can say. I'm so sorry, it sucks so much. The bus followed Georgia's car and we kept waving at the guys. They all were really upset. Second isn't as good as first. Never will be.

Finding Neverland was the perfect movie to see tonight. I cried at the end. Not bawling, just tears kind of dripping down your face. From about 5-9 the place outside the movie theater in the mall is filled with middle aged people and white high school kids. At nine The cops come in and the place is an only black scene. Welcome to Durham...
In the car driving home we Nina and I couldn't stop laughing... Nina turns to me and says "Do you know what this woman was doing. She was walking along in this buisness suit in the dark with her cell phone." I looked at Nina completely serious. Her hand motion was annoying and I was tired. "I don't know the answer." Nina cracked up, "Elena!" She says poking her sister "Did you hear what Rebecca just said?" Then Nina repeated the conversation adding a lot more facial expressions. We all were laughing at this time. I don't really remember why. I turn to Nina "Its like the time that you saw the bumper sticker. The Why do we kill who kill people to show that killing people is wrong! And you told Eliza, after she read out the," I pause I can't stop laughing now. I can't talk instead i'm rocking slowly in the back seat. We all are actually. "Ok after she read it out you say, you say, you say, I don't know," We didn't stop laughing until we walked in the house five minutes later.

So much human interaction, now i'm playing Truth or Fire with Henry and Grace in a chat. I ducked out though because I was tired of typing and I wanted to finish this up. Also because its 1 am on a saturday night and I think it's a little sad i'm playing Truth or Fire. Ok really really sad.

Molli- If you read this... Thank you so much for saying that stuff about the blog when you thought it was only georgia there. Holy shit that made my day I promise you! We can talk later okay? huh thanks though it was really great. Really really great.

Keith - Yay about your game! Thats awesome! Good Job! Do you guys have championships? You might have told me but I forget at this moment. Well i miss talking to you... I keep playing the rivers song over and over. I'm getting attached. I'll reply actually to your comment tomorrow. Way to tired to actually be social now though.

well goodnight everyone... Thanks for letting me just ramble about my life. I know everyone cares about everything i'm doing. Hm my back hurts. I don't really want to leave anymore but I guess I have to. huh have fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah we had playoffs we won our first two games to get to the semi finals but then we lost to one of the better teams. it was close though and we are only going to have one person leave our team so we'll be good next year.

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Blogger Jeramie said...

i didnt really read this..but since u said to comment rebeccca i did. this was what i was going to put on g's but my stupid computer isnt working lsdkjdkgjd. so yea :

Shut up Rebecca!! I win cuz i showed G and thats all that counts. Thats funny about the dance, cuz i remember you (georgia )saying that in the car. Lets hope the third years do a good one. For some reason, i kinda doubt it. Ha i laugh at you rebecca--ive known her since 1st grade. beat that. Now that we've all done the zoo, we gotta do the beach trip. Sunset and rent the house!! So...Georgia...did you see hang town fry??? oh, and where did you get the cocoa butter? - Davenport

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Blogger Jeramie said...

Yesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it u gotta comment on mine

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