Tuesday, February 22, 2005

White Flowers

Soccer season starts again! Were scrimmaging today and the other coach screams right after i pass the ball to Hannah. "FREEZE!" We do, quickly. He then goes on to explain that I should pass the ball to turquoise (jeramie, who was wearing turquoise) to get the other team moving. He then tells Hannah, "Pass the ball back to Mathcounts" Sniggers are heard all around. I can't figure out how he knew, then I remember I'm wearing my Mathcount shirt. God damn it is this who I am? I told you in Ryan's eyes i'm Math Chick. Elliot smith Tribute concert friday! Chris, our music teacher asked me if I was going today. He is, I might, maybe if I want to. Today we had an all school cleanup before the five day break (!) Instead I stood in the hall with both Sams for awhile. Settling out was good fun because I ended up just talking to Sam and Nate about them, and sex ed, and guys. At the end of 7th period I was talking about the Hes Just Not That IN To You book... the one I read at Barnes and Noble last night. I was sitting near Sam and he turns to me and says "Well it's true, were just not that in to you." I was like "I know" After class he stands up and pats me in the back. "A perfect example of that was Me and Georgia," He nods and says "That's the perfect example" I nod. Today was the quintessential CFS day. First period We watched a science movie. Second we actually did have a test, grammar, what fun. Third we played the Monopoly games we made. Fourth period we were assigned to figure out the height of the water tower,gym, and the length of the art studio without crossing the stream. Me and Dru were together, of course, you should learn that by now. And at first we measured the height of the gym and it was the most beautiful day in awhile, and the heat was coming down, but not to hot. And the School was having an outdoor concert. And the sky was so bright, and the shadows so perfect. Me and Dru went down to the middle school field to try and figure out how to measure the art studio. David came over soon and we pestered him like we do. Then Dru ended up climbing a tree and half dancing to the music that was just out of our sight. When David has his back turned and there are about fifteen more minutes of class, I turn to Dru "On the count of three were going to run." She nods and smiles, slowly scooting down the tree. "Ready?" "Chill out we can take as much time as we want." "Dru, come on. One, Two," By two were gone around the back side of the building. Later Leon comes up to Dru, "We need to talk about the last fifteen minutes of Math Class." Leon then laughs and walks away.

I got a new journal. Its pink, large with non lined pages. The front cover has a white piece of paper with dried flowers. The paper is rough, hand made. I chose the one with white flowers instead of pink because I thought it made the journal sad. As if the flowers had lost their color, which I bet they had. What good art isn't heartbreaking?


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