Monday, February 14, 2005

Window Ledge

Teacher : Would any one like to share their flowing thoughts journal entry?
No one? I love these, was it hard?

Me: No, It was exactly like writing in my journal. Which I do a lot so-

Teacher : Yes, Molli you want to share. (turns to me, lowers her voice a tiny bit) No I don't think its like a journal entry at all.
(Molli Shares. Teacher turns back to me)

Other Kid : I ended up writing about the pencil on top of the window ledge.

Teacher : (nods, still looking at me) Its not like a journal entry because your writing whatever comes to your head.

Me : But that's not, i mea-

Teacher : When I write in my journal its for a specific purpose and a way to get something out. I usually have a subject I write about.

Me : But I don't write in my journal that way. I write whatever comes to my head.

Teacher : Well yeah...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your teacher sounds like a bitch. im pretty sure i would hate her. i have basketball games like all week except on wednesday and sunday so ill tty then.

10:20 PM  

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