Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Good Day

So this teachers an ass. This teacher the big one who can't stand up for you if another teacher doesn't like you. Yeah, that teacher who is so skeptical and old, and doesn't know anything about feelings, or thoughts, or teaching. The teacher who was trying to pull off talking behind my back until I happen to come up behind and Dru just happened to point to me and he just happened to try to cover for himself. Ass... Please let me complain about this for a minute. The rest of my day was awesome actually and this isn't even bad. I just hate this teacher right now, and I have since about November, when he um was just acting like him. Does anyone realize he led me on?!?! He led me on to believe and then as it is Friends School people can't get ahead can they. No, so now he doesn't believe anything and he's trying to cover for the fact that he was really kind of mean to me.

That's all i'm done. Just thought I could complain for a second. So everyone knows what happened at joe's party... which is funny because nothing happened.

Today we went to the PO center to take two different Sex and decision making classes. It was good fun. Especially when two different guys are paying a lot of attention to you. We ended up talking about different things... me and Sam mostly. Jeramie avoided Joe, thats how the story goes. Seventh period was awesome, more guys all hanging around talking to me. Its sad how much I enjoy that. Sam r. was being normal, funny, way to hyper but still cool. But he wasn't acting like an ass, and i'm proud of him for that. And Sam S. idk... we talked... talking is good.

all right i'm leaving to go write Shayna a letter (!). Very good day, very very good day. But i'll write more later today... so stay tuned my friends.


Blogger Jeramie said...

shut up rebecca, im going to figure this out and when i do i am going to be soooo happy because then i wont be sad and depressed. not like i am or anything, but u kno...

5:00 PM  
Blogger georgia said...

dude who is this ass of a teacher? henry? random guess... and infront of you, to dru! jeez (is that right spelling? well, you know what i mean!) but yeah...JERK!! haha im over being mad at you :) but we can still talk anyways! i see you are miss popularity ;) but you know where you are REALLY needed boy-wise... he he he

6:04 PM  

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