Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I've turned off all the lights and the only source of sight it from my power cable connected to my computer. My speakers are playing on shuffle and the music seems like its coming from the room. I can't see the speakers in the dark. I don't know exactly where i am compared to my bookshelves but i'm calm. It doesn't feel like Wednesday. Rain does that to you. I wonder if I have homework. If I do I haven't done it. I stand up to close the window but its not open. I've been waiting to think all day.
My classes were repetitive and though the day was cold and rainy all i wanted was to be outside. I walked to the library without my coat second period and again during lunch. I liked the idea of it.
I cunningly got Nate and I able to go to a special spanish study during silent reading. I asked with a pleading look on my face while expressing both Nat and I are failing. Our teacher agreed after telling us"'we will have to see how far we get." Fifth period is dance. About forty five minutes in to the class we are told we can go freely. Both of us smile and run to get our shoes on. I for one enjoy the long walk to spanish class. I wore my boots today, as they were lying on my floor and looked wonderfully comfortable. We walked out of the center building and I rejoiced at our cunning for a few moments. We will head to spanish, of course we will, just in a few minutes. As we walk towards the main building i stop. For once i'm carrying nothing in my hands and I stand to stick out my tongue. Nate laughs and says "I haven't done that since i was five"
"Well Nate," I insist "I'm five in heart." He smiles and keeps walking until he realizes i haven't moved. I'm still standing with my tongue out as the rain falls harder and harder on my jacket. Nate joins me, then I run up a little bit towards that annex. I stand again trying to find the optimal rain falling spot. Nate follows me as I run from one place to the next. Attempting and attempting to catch more and more on my tongue. I know i look dumb, but I don't care. No ones around and this is unusual for our campus. Its a small campus but a busy one. No cars are driving by and no kids are flailing themselves out in the sunlight. I get bored of that spot and Nate turns to me. "There has got to be a better place." I nod and soon run towards the pavement next to the quaker dome. I'm way ahead of Nate who has hesitated. He follows anyways though.
As i'm hopping in place I look at him. "You didn't have to follow me you know."
"I know, but I don't want to walk all the way to Spanish alone."
"all right, whatever."
I find the perfect place then test the wind. This way... I stand facing a huge tree that borders the sidewalk one takes when they go to the gym.
We both stand for awhile. I don't want to move. The rain hits my tongue every other drop. It lands in my eyes more, but they are tightly closed. The wind is coming at me but my big green coat is keeping me warm. My boots are sopping wet but as they are boots I don't mind. The rain falls and falls harder and harder. Nate keeps glancing at me out of the corner of his eye. He is trying to be as inattentive as me, he's trying really hard. I'm laughing at my own stupidity. Still tonight I have this clear image of the rain falling past the tree right towards me. The parking lot loom's ahead while the main building is to are left. Nate stands looking cold off to my left and no one is around. When i look down on the pavement the rain is gathering at a small down hill where they have a gutter. The water twists and turns around our feet. My hair is really wet now though I didn't notice. I laugh one more time and Nate jerks his head towards the spanish room and laughs. I nod, "That was definitely the best spot."
"Wasn't that great?" I say to Nate as we start our slow journey out of the rain. The next thing out of Nate's mouth surprises me "Now, whenever it rains I will always think of this," I let him go on "twenty years from now it will rain and I will think about this and remember it... and that girl Rebecca." I'm monetarily stunned honestly. I slow down a little ... "Exactly," I know he's trying to be nice and flirt with me so i say back "And I will always remember that kid Nate."
He smiles at my response then says "That smart math girl." I roll my eyes. " Um Nate that basketball kid."
Nate turns to me as we walk in the door. "well I like smart math girls." I respond with the only thing I can "Basketballs not to bad either."
I thought I had lied. I thought I wouldn't remember. That's because I was to busy remembering the last time it rained. Friday, walking around outside Toreros. Which is quite a nice memory. Even better than this one. But I couldn't stop thinking about the way the rain fell right on my tongue at that certain spot.
I don't usually forget when things happen in the rain. When I was eight we stayed in the house next to Nina's. The old house on Wilit Road. Even now its described as that... "The house on Willit Road." It was pouring rain and we went outside to dance, naked in the rain. We were to scared to step off the porch though we kept daring each other. I bet she doesn't remember. I remember everything about that house perfectly. The lightning was so loud as we danced on the wooden porch. I think it ended in tears as most good things do. Or last year the first dance, where the fire alarm went off and we all ran outside to the quaker dome. That's the night Louise attempted to kill herself. I read this thing about it today... i'm being vague on purpose... suddenly i got it. The rain was coming down hard and all the kids ran for shelter. I remembered it as the best dance i'd ever been to. The pouring rain during math class. Running to the main building to the annex between classes. The bridge overflowing and having no way to get to the library, and the small idea that you don't actually have to do anything when it rains. Instead you fool your brain in to the thought that you don't have to work when it rains, its an excuse to sit for awhile. The smart math girl doesn't mind a little rain. As my mom says, "My grandmother used to say, your not made of sugar. Your not going to melt."
Nate and I took about five extra minutes to get our backpacks and walk all the way down to spanish. We walked as slowly as we could.
Once we got a little closer I dropped my backpack promptly on the ground. I stood to stick out my tongue again before sighing. The moment was over. I wouldn't be able to find a better place. Nate picked up my soaking backpack from the ground. The light blue was darker. "It's wet," Nate stated
I laughed then cursed. "My cell phone" I shrugged
"Well," Nate said ,"Maybe you're going to have to get a new better one now."
"Ah, your an optimist."

During Spanish class i beat Nate 2 to 1 in tic tac toe. This morning I beat Sam R. twice.

When we got in spanish class Kirsten gives us a disapproving look. "You guys are so wet!"

"Its really pouring out there."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was raining here today too. it was so cool when i left to go to my interveiw it was really dark and everything had a weird greenish tint to it and then at started to rain. i like it when it rains. it reminds me that im human still and the civilization is still i dont know under nature. everyone drives slower in the rain. when i got to the place i got interviewed at i parked like the farthest parking spot from the door. i probably could have found a closer spot but rain doesnt bother me you know and i didnt run to the door either. taking your time and letting yourself get wet is so much better. the funny thing was when i left, it started to stop raining but people still leave their windsheild whipers on. i dont know maybe the only reason i noticed that is becuase i like to use windsheild whipers as little as possible. when i got close to home i blasted I am trying to break your heart and camera. i put my window down. the air is so clean after it rains. the funny thing was (well not the funny thing but a funny thing i already said the funny thing. but wait neither of them are funny at all really hhmmmmm) when i was stoped at a light this lady stoped in the lane next to me and just smiled. i dont know why she did. maybe she thought i was funny looking or maybe it was becuase she could see me screaming "tell em im lost, yeah lost... no its not ok!!!!" yeah anyway. that was fun. man i love galaxy quest!!! i just got it from the library to watch again today. its so great. do you ever go to the library and notice how many things youve already seen heard or read that you know are amazing are still siting there. and have you ever wanted to get them again. i wanted to get rushmore and the royal tenenbuams again. hey you remeber how i said i was getting jeff buckleys grace? well i think its coming from amazon soon but i saw that there to and almost got that too. oh well this is getting really long for a comment maybe it should have been an email. ttyl i think i might right you an email tonight anyway. great post once again.

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