Saturday, March 05, 2005

Upward Over The Mountain

Joe's party woot woot.

Hm what to say on the subject... it was really fun. Red Dragon is scary but Edward Nortan makes up for it. ;) hehe well i was scared with nate so it was all okay. Right.. today I was wearing Spencer H.'s sun glasses. Everyone said they looked better on me. They were like the big ass ones in Almost Famous (god I love that movie) and I looked like a hot rock star. So i'm buying them from him on monday if he likes it or not. I love them. I wore them during settling out and spencer kept whispering in my ear "No one is noticing you." I turned to him. "Everyone is noticing me Spencer."

Soccer was great. Really really great. I stopped Sarah and Dru once in awhile. Molli told me that I can't not talk about myself in five minutes. She said it to make me mad... later she told me she swore it wasn't true. I've been thinking about it since then. I can, I can talk about other people. Don't think that I don't. Because I really do. God, I make such an effort to listen to other people. Even if it doesn't show.

I'm listening to Say It Ain't So right now... Weezer... I love them. I'm going to their band site right now. Oh i love Rivers. Haha... is so brilliant. Like father step father the sun is drowning in to ohhh yeah yeeeeah yeah yeah .... do do dum dum dum do do say it aint so woo...

God i'm in a weird mood. I drank a tiny bit of coke at the party but I'm so tired its not going to take affect. And by tiny i mean like a quarter of a glass. That doesn't really count does it? Oh Wonderwall is playing now... Ryan Adams version.

We had a soccer game Thursday. On the bus, Georgia, Dru, and I all took out our ipods. I'm actually using my dads as mine is broken. Georgia switches her Ipod for mine. She plays me her favorite Iron & Wine and I play her some Ben Kweller. Her ipod has a blue cover. The bus was really loud so the volume was at the very highest. And the music blocked out the voices of the bus full of girls. Upward Over the Mountain is playing and as i look around me It's the perfect soundtrack to the motions. Nothing should have moved. The song should have gone on forever and everyone should have been exactly as they were. I see my life as movie, as If everyone is watching me. Time stood still for a second, just that time when I was listening to that song and life kind of moved around me. I wasn't moving with it anymore.

all right I have to sleep. I'm tired Friday thank the lord. I have this huge fucking bruise from fencing. Its so big. It hurts a lot. I We were doing sprints in soccer and as we were running to the half way my foot fell wrong, snapped in a loud way and Allie fell on top of me. All the girls continued to run and Dylan shouts out "Man down, Don't run down Rebecca." My foot still hurts. I got up and ran on it again thinking I should finish my sprints. That was dumb wasn't it? David and Audrey are here. That should be fun. I'm actually kind of excited about tomorrow. It should be good.

Wow my brothers just woke up. I’m so glad i’m not the parent.


Blogger rebecca said...

hey!! i havent talked to you in a while....i love weezer too! im listening to butterfly right now...and im like crying. i miss you so much!! im going to call you like we did last year do you remember that? that was so fun. i gotta go but i love can always talk to me

rebecca d

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