Sunday, April 03, 2005


Rebecca is itching to blog but as Adam told her about three weeks ago that quote "You can achieve perfection and you're close but you just have to work a little harder" I am working on my Berlin Project so hard. Matt just called from fencing and got me out of my working zone... Not like thats bad, I love talking to him mostly when we're both in the kind of moods we were tonight... Then I read Georgia's blog which sinse the time that I hadn't read it got even more wonderfull. And Jeramies, both of which were great and suddenly I can't work anymore. I miss the few people I call when i'm in moods like this... brownies are baking downstairs and my mind is confused about the time. So now I have to go back to my project which i'm scared wont be good enough for Adam because he's the only teacher that I care about what he thinks of me.


Blogger rebecca said...

hey!! man i miss you so much! i loved our conversation yesterday....that was the best. thanks SO mcuh. i love you blog......its awesome keep writing. and check out mine. lol luv ya lots!

bex (rebecca d)

6:17 PM  

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