Thursday, April 07, 2005

Death Valley


The view from the hotel at OC!


Me, bitching before driving out of palm springs to Joshua tree...


The dune Buggies


Death valley in a salt lake... wearing the same clothes i didnt change out of for three days... yes! On this salt bed I kept asking my dad if I could taste it, I insisted he taste it first just to make sure that it was salt, not anything else. He takes a tiny bit and spits it out. "Yeah, its fine just don't swallow it okay?" I take a tiny bit and put it in my mouth before spitting it out everywhere. "Um?" ... He asks. "I didn't actually think it would taste like salt." I said drinking as much as i can from my nalgene.


Blogger georgia said...

do i haaaaaaaaaave to comment on your blog? yes, yes i do! do i haaaaaave to go on about how UBER jealous i am that you got to see the REAL OC (not that the OC on TV ISN'T real! :) yes, yes i do. I LOVE THE OC! and i wish i could have been with you! or in your place! or something! god soccer sucks. Just thinking about our game today, and how we lost, and how if we HAD one then it would have been our 30th win in a row. but we lost. lost lost losers! not really. i won't be depressing!!! your great, your life is great! notice how i have been spelling all my "you's" with the y AND the o?? not just "u r great" that way your stalker can't make fun of me! i am working on capitalizing my i's but that might be pushing it :) bye! I LOVE YOU

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