Saturday, April 09, 2005


Um Britney Spears is my hero.... along with Courtney Love its a female rocking out sort of day.

I get woken up from this dream where i'm sitting in this balcony watching Shrek 2 and its really loud and I keep getting like blown by the wind and almost falling out of the balcony. I have a weird attachment to rain. It's been raining at all the perfect t moments. But as I like to do a lot I have interrupted myself interrupting myself. I was woken up by this body jumping on top of me and pressing her face next to mine. "Rebecca wake uuup were going to go get coffee." Nina of course sits up in my bed, shakes me more awake and jumps out of bed. "Get dressed," I sit up and we talk for awhile in my room as I mosey around getting dressed.

oh god... remind me in a second to talk about Kurt Cobain...

We talked for awhile then walked to ninth street where we tried Bean Traders and glared behind the counter at the organization and lack of Mark. The coffee was a lot better and we sat their feeling like traitors as we sipped our amazing blended iced coffee's and played Gin at the exact table we had a month before. Eliza joined us later and we spent 5 hours walking, and sitting around talking, first at frencescas, then eckerd,then Regulator, then Blue Corn, then back at Bean Traders where the people behind the counter yelled as we were walking down the stairs to go to the bathroom, "You guys are going to have to start paying Rent." Well they better fucking get used to us as us three spend most of our life in there.

I had three together is actually really great. We're philosophical and that's fun.

Ok Kurt Cobain was not killed by Courtney Love and I stand strong on my opinion no matter what. Though many have attempted to sway me on this idea. The first one being Matt who bought the Nirvana CD and while we were listening to it says it would be awesome to see them live if Courtney hadn't killed him. This is while making cookies that mind you we put in two eggs instead of one turning them in to, well, tar. Then Today I get online and have this conversation with joe....

ACE OF ANGELS 72:who says i'm overdosing
ACE OF ANGELS 72:Maybe Courtney love will murder me and make it look like suicide.

How weird is that, is this all that people think about? I mean seriously I spent half of last night joking about this.

ACE OF ANGELS 72: the bitch did it

this conversation went on for awhile longer... until I am declared defeated.


My brother just walked in my room without knocking and scared the shit out of me. I had another huge discussion about my brother with my parents today. I've been thinking, he's a huge part of my life. Not in the sense that he is their but in the way he is disengaged, do you know what I mean? He is important because of his absence. It just happens that whenever I'm home he's in his room or at Wyatt or playing Halo obsessively. This lack of socialness... leads to us not being the kindest to each other. This leads to big talks with my parents about how I have to work on being kind... these things I can't write about on here. I know he wont read it but some things I don't want to talk about in that much detail. I love him more than anything, he's my little red-haired nine year old brother but he shouldn't have to be talked about on here. His shit stays in our family, only I can bring my problems out.

Matt claims I don't talk much about him on here ;) I do though, kind of. I think I more just imply things then actually say anything directly. Some good things I get to keep to myself.

"Don't call me fat you fucking jew"
"Eric did you just say the f-word?"

"If anything goes wrong, make a sound like a dying giraffe."
"What's a dying giraffe sound like?"
"WUUUUUaahhh! WUUUaaaaaaahhhhh!"

"Hey Alec, you know what sucks about being a Baldwin?"
"No, what?"

the link's been freaking out... its supposed to go to try to paste it in.


Blogger Shayna said...

Haha I'm commenting on your blog like you said. Even though Ms. Hypocrite Rebecca won't comment on mine OR talk about me at all on hers.....even though I've written, like, 7 blogs about her...... not feeling the love right now buddy........


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