Tuesday, April 12, 2005


So, I have a story. A few actually, all of them ones that I've been meaning to write about ... first though let me explain what I am about to do. I am going to make a list for many reasons. First.... my Shayna wrote a list on her blog and of course i got supremely jealous and wanted to make one myself. So really she gets all the credit. Also I stole one from her, but actually its been at the top of my list for awhile and I was pleasantly surprised to see she had it on their too.Secondly about half a year ago I made a list for Michael that I emailed him of The Top 20 things I love at this moment minus people of course. This I realize has changed a lot since I last wrote it. So a new installment is being made. I haven't thought hard about it. Its what I love right now In this moment as I'm writing this. In twenty minutes everything will probably change, you never know with me.

1. Being Loved
2. Fencing
3. The Dark
4. Music... all of it, whatever I need then.
5. Rain
6. OC
7. To start walking up and not know how far your going to go or when your going to turn around.
8. Memories
9. Lighting a few peoples fires
10. Passover
11. Peoples distinct smells
12. Defending Courtney Love
13. This Blog
14. The New Weezer CD!
15. Spencer's Glasses
16. Ah my James Taylor of course
17. Finding free songs online
18. Feeling like I am finally cool enough to like Bob Dylan
19. Making our Math Teacher laugh
20. Getting Older
21. Being Cold
22. Complaining about Fifth Period
23. Telling people that "My dad got hit by a car!" In a really urgent scary way to make them ask all about it.
24. Late Night Text Messages from Sandi
25. Being so happy for one moment you realize you never want to leave.


Blogger Dylan said...

Courtney Love is a murderer!

5:51 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

dylan doesn't know what hes talking about


11:37 PM  
Blogger Shayna said...

I love you're list! haha I don't care that you stole it. The only reason I have a blog is because of you. hehe okay love you.....

10:37 AM  

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