Sunday, April 03, 2005


The second night I made dinner we were staying in the heart of death valley. My dad got these matches that are storm proof which is very cool because they can't blow out until the run down the stick to a certain point. I enjoyed playing with them quite a lot. I light the stove and hold the match in my hand until it burns down. Right after I grap the tip of the match with my right thumb and pointer finger. Its burning and i curse drop the match and my dad laughs. "That wasn't dumb, let me just grab the scortching hot match with my fingers." A few seconds later my skin turns white. I show it to my dad and he laughs, "Wow that thing gave you a second degree burn."

Thats how I am

It was white for a day, then slowly started to fade. I was dissapointed as its a very nice clear reminder of my trip. It came back the nex day, darker and now on my thumb its just a nice indent the width of a match, with a matching one on my other finger. Its a little numb and you can completely tell it was burned. I like it, I want it to scar. Its like a quarter of an inch long, maybe even a little longer, maybe even half an inch.

I'm listening to I Quit- Ben Kweller
Maxwell silvers hammer- Beatles
Subterranean Homesick Blues - Dylan

On repeat just those three.... Berlin is coming along.....

ich liebe....


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