Thursday, April 21, 2005


My bad mood ended during Dance Rehearsal when I was standing in my groups corner waiting to go on. The scenery for a play is behind me, stairs with nothing underneath. The underneath part is covered by a huge piece of black cloth. Its a little taller then me and I have nothing to lean against. Suddenly I trip half over myself and half over air and almost fall through the back curtain but catch myself just in time as Nate watches helplessly attempting to not let me fall.

That's when my bad mood ended.

Also when I was walking out to earth day and Sam R. and Spencer were sitting on the speed bump. Spencer in Ryan's old yellow jacket and he pats the space on the speed bump next to him to signal me to sit down. I shake my head smiling and Anna Ruth dumps an entire bottle of water on my head.

Also tonight when I was attempting to demonstrate to my dad about me almost falling in the curtain in the middle of the parking lot of South Point. Instead I almost actually tripped and fell in the road.

Or Maybe it was the phone message left by Sam and Joe that I find on my cell phone after soccer. That I listened to laughing on my porch as my parents called me to the car to drive to dinner.

And, lying with Jeramie and Georgia in the wet grass with the sprinklers randomly talking... or the breast milk pump that Dlyan used on himself

Or finding out I have a song waiting for me.

And maybe just maybe what really ended it was sitting at my kitchen table with a washed bowl of strawberries and Nina. Just talking and eating as always.


Blogger joe said...

yes our phone messages were quite great werent they? yea im commenting because u comment on mine and im cool and sexy enough to return the favor! insane sex machines!

9:03 PM  

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