Tuesday, April 19, 2005


My parents can be super cool once in awhile....

I get home from fencing tonight and end up sitting with my mom listening to Lisa Loeb... my dad walks in and hands me three (!) used cd's he bought me. The stuff that he says were most important when he was around my age. Which means Rebecca now has John Lennon - Shaved Fish
Paul Simon - Still Crazy after all these years
and Tom Waits - Nighthawks at the diner

And thanks so my dear Sand I have three other cd's she burned me... the I Heart Huckabee's soundtrack, Aquaduct, and the final and last Brendan Benson, One Mississippi. Yay.

Have you seen I Heart Huckabees? Its not a very good movie, though. Well, if you've seen it you've watched the first scene when Jason Shwartzman is walking to the rock to give his rock poem. If you've watched it you know the first few minutes of the movie. Yeah, that was what today was like.

This Brendan Benson song is stuck in my head as it has been all day. Um yeah i've been in a continues bad mood since Sunday afternoon I think.


I forgot to mention people on my fourth year page. Including Hannah and Samantha... oops. All the people I forgot I completely did on accident. Well supposedly Samantha 'definitely noticed' that i didn't mention her. Which I feel bad about, but honestly have I talked to her this entire year? The last real conversation I remember having with her was in the bus on the way to basketball when she was dealing with Sam R. problems. Of course at that time I had the biggest crush on her boy friend but I attempted to be helpful. So i'm sorry if I didn't mention you, I am so so sorry. And I will make it up to you somehow if you care. Oh! that reminds me... I added a 'Blogs I Read' list over on the left. If you want to be added either a) Link me from your blog or b) Give me your address. I read a lot more blogs then posted (Dylan's, Joe's, grace's, rebecca's) but the addresses aren't on the top of my head. So yeah just leave me a comment with your address and i'll add you.

I'm still sick. Nothing really is that bad, i'm just in one of those moods when everything is terrible and everything is going wrong. You know? I shouldn't be complaining should I? Nothing is actually going wrong. Georgia's mad at me. I don't know why... that added to my shitty day. Honestly its gotten to the point that at lunch I hang out with her and today her and Dru were acting tight and for some reason I couldn't be with them. So I kind of sat their awkwardly until 12:30 when I had to go dance because I was sick on Sunday and Annie basically told me I sucked. Which was fine I guess because I hate that class but still. I thought I wasn't that uncoordinated. Its gotten to this weird point were me and Georgia, we fight over guys a little, though a lot less then what people think, and we fight over Dru's affection. Right now, Georgia's winning, by a lot. Henry even noticed... Henry noticed I haven't been talking to Dru that much lately. We were washing something out of the quaker dome (yes, the quaker dome) and she was completely ignoring me. I was following her around, from this spot, to this spot, to this spot. I hate the positions when you're following someone around and you feel vulnerable and weak. Break sucked because of the Georgia-Dru dynamic of them ganging up on me like they always do. Okay I sound desperate, but its true. So I ask Georgia "Are you mad at me?" and Georgia gets mad and is like don't ask me that, that's so annoying ... "I was annoyed with you but i'm not anymore."
Me: What? Why were you annoyed
Her: I don't want to tell you
Me: What? Fine Whatever
Her: I'm not anymore but I was
Me: What? okay

Then to top it off tomorrow the fucking school is having this fucking thing that sucks. Haha I just read that sentence. Yes I make a lot of sense. Basically advisee groups are paired and OH! guess who we are paired with, Debbie's group. Which means the most annoying kids in the school. Oh and Leon and Rachel's group are together ha which means Dru and Georgia. Which means Georgia is going to beat me by a lot on this one. I honestly don't know what i've been doing. Well whatever i'll hang out with Spencer and Jeramie. Then in seventh period I exploded telling to the entire class and the substitute that "Why is everyone being so defensive?? Dammit! Fuck, why is it so hot in here?" Then I got up and left our STD video and went to go get some water until Sam S. came up and kind of gave me a hug and was like "Hey, i'm sorry." And then he was really sweet and I felt really bad for getting mad.

Its so hot in my room right now...


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