Friday, April 29, 2005


Josh! Shayna and Becca
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The one bouncing up in the back is Phill... probably one of my favorite people on earth. Of course he's the same guy whoh got fired next session. Becca's on the left then Josh... (hehe astronomy, god best times of my life was that hour hanging out when Josh says "ok so i have a question, its a little personal. Brittany told me she had to ban my name from your cabin" "oh its so hot... i'm goingn to just take off my shirt." man Josh was super) and shayna is on the right. She wants you all to know she looks a lot hotter now. Though I think shes beautiful here and i love her and Becca with all my heart...


Blogger Shayna said...

hehe i love you.....

11:38 PM  
Blogger rebecca said...

omg rebecca that was the greatest! i loooove that picture. man astronomy was so much fun...and i look better now too haha. i still cant figure out how to put pics on my blog....wel i love you so much! miss you

~rebecca d

8:15 AM  

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