Friday, April 01, 2005

this girl

Imagine this... White highlander two people sit in the car.

Starbucks cups litter the floor. Half of which were filled with grande non fat lattes, the other grande non fat caramel mochas. The girl in the passenger side has her feet up on the dashboard. She hopes her father doesn't notice. A JIF crunchy peanut butter jar sits to the girls left. A smuckers strawberry jelly jar is in her hand. The cap is open and as the people in the car lost the bread two hours back she sticks her finger in to the jar and scoops out a nice chunk of strawberry preserve. She turns to her father. "Who knew that eating jelly out of the jar is so super great?" The girl laughs. She's in one of those moods where everything is hysterical. Hundreds of miles on each side of the car with no sign of life. The girl giggles turns to her father, closes the jelly jar and picks up the peanut butter one. She licks her chewed fingernails to get off the last of the jelly. Her father laughs and sighs leaning against his seat. The girl messes with the radio for awhile before finding nothing but static. She turns to stare out the window and the next time she looks up ten minutes has passed. She reaches for her new pink Nalgene and takes a few gulps. Her father peels his eyes from the road for a second, "We need to get my phone or stop somewhere so we can call Gloria." The girl looks out the window, "Can't you stop at those call boxes?" Her father laughs, "Those are only for emergencies."
"No way,"
"Yep, what did you think that you could just call whoever you wanted?"
"Yeah I was so excited I loved them."
The father turns, "Free calls! hey it would become a new social scene. Lets drive an hour out of town to go call someone!" He laughs at his own joke. She laughs because there's no reason not to.
"Damn, i'm so disappointed you can't call anyone." She sighs and reaches for the jar of jelly.

Welcome to the last five days

I have so many stories. I could spend pages writing but tonight I can't. I will try but no promises. This might have to be finished tomorrow. My dad keeps asking when i'm going to catch up on my blogging. "Whenever I have time." I keep having to say. I will post pictures whenever I have time. A few turned out really well. We spent hours in the car talking, listening to music. It was the best time to think so just look out the window at the wild flowers and to remember. It was the hour of time standing still that I was hoping for. Now as i'm actually trying to type its hard to explain all of it. I went to the OC which was quite amazing for someone who is as overly insane about the show. LA is very strange. The people their aren't me, they are tall and blonde all of them and boobs as fake as .... cant think of a good simile.

While i'm remembering Shayna wrote about me on her blog, twice. You guys should check out hers ;)

On the plane to LA I sat next to this guy who was wearing these khaki shorts. Long shorts Abercrombie shorts, and he wore a polo shirt but he wasn't preppy. He brought nothing with him on the plane so he spent the entire time listening to the on flight radio. No one was sitting in the middle seat so I put my ipod their hoping he might look at what I was listening to. He never looked. On the way to the hotel Dad and I had this intense talk about the Berlin Wall. That project should be kind of more started tomorrow. :Last thursday was great, I hung out in the real OC what could be better.

Finding REI was quite an adventure wasn't it dad.

The first night we camped out was Saturday night. It was getting late and we were nearing Death Valley. We were both tired and Dad pulls in to the first place he thinks looked cool. Its filled with about six white RV's, children and done buggies. We set up camp and I cook these amazing noodles on our little camping stove. While Dad is trying to show me the constellation capulia but I can't tell if he is talking about the 30, 60, 90, triangle or the 45,45,90 one, fire works go off next to us. I kept turning to my dad, were camping were camping!
Maybe next time, he says, we can get a little farther away from the car.
I shake my head.

The next morning we follow more RV's to this community of Dune Racers. Millions of sand piles and tons of riders. One guy was towing his Hummer, as if the hummer was a back up car. One guy was tired of waiting in line to enter the 'park' he drove straight up a hill. Dad turns to me, we've got a four wheel drive bet we could do that! Barenaked Ladies skips while we bump up the hill as fast as we can. It was very fitting to play BNL while driving around a dune buggy park. I started really having a brilliant time.

Later that day we got out of the car, my nalgene in tow I suddenly start to climb this hill. Its the side of the road just at the entrance to Death Valley. Slwoly I get higher and higher. I suddenly don't want to come down.

Guys, its one thirty and i just fell asleep this will continue later...



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I love your writing.......I think you should write a book one day. Keep it up.... xoxo


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