Friday, May 27, 2005


i just edited my last post and took out some complaining because i'm in a good mood now and i hate reading things when i'm upset and hope that no one sees me act like an idiot.


I had a great day

I think Star Wars is the reason why life is okay

My sushi role got 'rated' 9.5 by Nate and Eric

Making sushi is fun, I wish I was japanese and in that movie with Bill Murray

The one that made me want to be a director

Lost in Translation that reminds me of Eternal Sunshine which I think I might watch tonight

Hence the title of my blog

I also wish I was in ghost busters, the first one though, or maybe I wish I just was in Star Wars

Hey, go here... Molli's blog where she talks about me on the fourth year trip... and has an entire entry bashing me. Aja wrote a comment on her blog today during break. Um... thanks Aja

Henry came back and gave me the hugest hug ever

I got to use the electric hole punch again I hadn't used since I broke it in 6th Grade

That was exciting

I am so proud of Grace

Holy Shit I do not believe people are this ignorant. Right here too... Just down the road really.

Makes you think about things a little more

Nina and I talked. It's good it's just another thing I have to get used to. Sometimes I hate school. Today I was watching people and I never wanted to leave. I hope these next to weeks are as long as I can make them. That's what Nina and I were talking about.


Blogger JJ said...

yay RB!! henry a hug awww haha jk hi henry yeah so there ya go!!

3:03 PM  
Blogger Izzabelly said...

oh my god, i feel really dumb. i saw your blog the other day, and i read the title and i was like "hey, i know that song!" bah. anyways, how does one, get the "blogs i read" business up? err, running...something like that.

3:25 PM  
Blogger Molli said...

omg rebecca i DID NOT bash u on my fourth year trip thing! I did not bash you at all! THAT WAS NOT BASHING! hey is that why g's acting weird to me? and 2 is that u don't have my blog on ur whosit thingy. booo, Booo! ps, u seem to be going tru the whole thing with gerogia that i went thru w/ kelly
im me as sooo as u read this

1:47 PM  

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