Monday, May 30, 2005


I woke up and looked at my site meter for this site, its May 30th. No one told me it was almost June...

Walking my dog yesterday i found myself back on our street stepping on our neighbors lawn, and winding myself up in to the driveway. Suddenly to end my thinking process and surrender myself in to the computer screen. I guess I can still think once I stop walking, i realized my mind makes up stories when i'm unconscious and suddenly my brain is writing without me thinking. Theirs no plot, just words scrambling themselves around to form paragraphs that fall neatly in to my brain. I don't understand how they write themselves but I can never get them down on paper. Part of me doesn't really want to. I'm chewing on a green fuse bead. Those children look happy, I guess thats what mismatched fuse bead hearts can do for you. The one in my mouth doesn't look quite like a fuse bead anymore. It kind of looks like a boat, I was going to say vagina but then i thought you would all think thats weird. And once I realized that I can't chew it anymore. Let's find something else to put in my mouth. A yellow paperclip, there we go. I always feel better after walking my dog, suddenly life doesn't pile itself on top of each other an endless stream of disappointments. I wrote about it... last year in creative writing and Adam and I ended up talking about it for twenty minutes after class. That's when I had to step back and realize shit... he got what i was getting at. It's always nice when people understand you, its also a little off putting. They balance each other out though.

I've gotten told by a fair amount of people that they think in the end i'll be the one pressuring someone to have sex instead of the stereotypical guy. Um what? haha does that really come across in my personality?

Georgia I want your fudge...

I watched Scrubs with my dad and brothers from four to nine last night. Five hours, and my mom made us mojito's which she does well except mine is non alcohol so doesn't taste quite as good as my dads. The show is really interesting, my mom is exactly like Elliot the main girl character and dad and I kept realizing it. Of course JD is the stereotypical jew, who dad and i realized is in most shows, movies, plays. Seriously, this world is filled with television shows where the main character who is a Jew is having to put up with WASPS and their life is so hard because of it. Scrubs, the OC, Friends, Sienfeld, Angels in America... all the same. Because the jewish one grows up to write the story. My dad turned to me after we had talked, "No wonder people think their is a jewish conspiracy, it seems like we're taking over the world." Amen dad, Amen.


Blogger georgia said...

LOOK A COMMENT! :-D idk why I haven't noticed your picture!!! The book one! I forget which book exactly....something about where the wild things are? Meh, I think I'm wrong, but I love it anyways! And I totally know what you mean! JUNE??? What the fuck??? I thought it was April! June means the beginning of camp, which means the end of camp, which means the end of summer, which means.....HIGH SCHOOL! Wooooah, time sucks. Ok so this was my comment, I hope you liked it! Bye!

11:31 AM  
Blogger joe said...

georgias right!!! time does suck and i hate it! and u do seem like the one whos pressurin!! and NO jews wont take over! its either gonna be atheists or.....mormons i dunno

7:14 PM  
Blogger Henry said...

Six months since new years, five months since MLK day, four months since the play, three months since i said it was thre months from new years. Wow.

1:56 PM  

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