Tuesday, May 10, 2005


So, I spend to much time blogging...

Tuesday, it feels like Wednesday.

Lunch... Finally a day were only the small things are going wrong. ]

Its so hot in my room... so i'm only wearing my bra and pajama pants. I love it.

Third period.... we were watching fahrenheit 9-11. I was lying down on the couch because Sam R. had gotten up because of his phobia of being near me, or talking to me lately. We're only about half an hour in, if you've seen the movie it is talking about the Bush relationship with the Saudies. You understand that I am one of the most liberal people out there... and I salute Michael Moore in a lot of ways. Hes as very bright guy, Bowling for Columbine is brilliant, he's a very good person to make fun of too... (see Team America for the best example...) But god damn it, he takes people as fucking idiots and they eat it up. So I raise my hand and start to tell Adam about how insane his argument is, how untrustworthy, how ridiculous, how really in this situation the Bush family isn't doing anything wrong. And yes its a business deal and they have the right to that and how the first half of this movie is completely pointless.... and Robinson tells me to stop being a Smart Ass but i don't stop. Surprisingly enough everyone supported my argument and later Maxine tells me later I was making a very good point and it was really great to hear. The day got that much better. When do I ever get to rampage on about my ideas and people actually listen all the way through?

Fourth period.... brilliant, as always. Most on the mathlete sheet... but alas i kind of did copy some of Dru's. For once Michael didn't get the best, he got six while I got eight. haha Rock. Oh and I was drafted to explain to the entire class how to do long division which was great fun. Except later David gave me a problem to practice with for the test tomorrow and I couldn't do it. Which is highly embarrassing and which also means I should be studying right now...

Lunch... it was pie a fourth year day. Which means the other students could get water balloons or whipped cream pies and throw them at the willing fourth years. I wasn't going to join in until Georgia said she was. Ah, i'm a conformist, shoot me. And then I was avoiding getting wet until I sneak up to Margolis (like how i'm using last names for the Nates and Sams) and he takes the whipped cream in his hand and spreads it all over my face.. and hair. Meaning I have half an inch thick of whipped cream in my ear. Before long i'm completely pied, Hannah did quite an amazing job of getting me. I'm still in my tank top and jeans though, I don't have a change of clothes and i'm soaking wet. Schopler picks me up and spins me around a little... meaning I have cream everywhere. I challenge Jim R. to a small water fight duel and end up crushing one over his head. Michael throws cream all over my back. Henry gets it in my hair. Schopler takes the recycling bin full of water and dumps it on Ryans head. Takes the other one and dumps it on Molli. I'm completely covered in water/cream paste and my hair is starting to stick in the same place. Georgia and I run to a hose and try to get all of it out of our hair. Robinson is wearing joe's trench coat and nothing underneath. Joe wore his pink shirt... Margolis is letting me eat some of the unused whipped cream. And Vernon is kind of holding back. I'm sopping wet but their is no need to change.

Advisee time... were fixing up millers bluff. A sitting area looking out on the baseball field. We have to ply up the old wood and after Randy is failing I grab the hammer myself and tell him "This is how its done..." So, I'm plying up these wood panels for forty five minutes. Spencer is talking to me, telling me a story about something or other, I'm reaching for hammers and Randy is making fun of my awesome skills. I got really in to it too. I realized I have to use tools more often, ply things up, pull out nails, hammer. Its quite rewarding.

Seventh Period... I'm yelling at Philip because after I told Joe i keep his secrets Philip says, "Oh really you? I don't believe it." I told Philip I actually hadn't had a conversation with him since fifth grade and i've changed a lot. I'm comparing stomachs with Joe, and Dylan is talking to us about something. We all kind of sat on pillows until Rachel comes in and gives us life savers. Then I'm talking about the OC in great detail when were talking about Rape and I'm explaining it then I pause and say "Well it's only a TV show." Dylan laughs "Well," I say, "Not for..."
"You" Dylan finishes. I unzip the bright red zipper on the side of his plaid pants.
"Well not for me. Oh.. My God... so then..." Joe also ate my gum... which made me laugh really really hard until Rachel got mad and Joe told me she was going to eat us and that set me off again... until he did his creepy snake like thing and I had to turn the other way to avoid it and suddenly everything that wasn't funny in the first place wasn't funny at all.

Soccer Practice.... Were practicing penalty kicks and I'm being loud and hyper and talking non stop to grace and anna ruth and kirsten. I'm explaining to Grace about how much I love the shape of her boobs "their so round!"
"Apposed to what? Triangle?" Which made me laugh hard and kind of skip off out of the line and mess up every PK i attempted to do. Then i'm explaining about how I was talking in third period, and about Grace and Ben. Then Grace tells some story and then Anna Ruth and i'm out of line and dancing around...and were goofing around and Hot Hot Heat is in my head so all I have is this one line playing over and over "....You owe me and IOU She was in the habit of taking things for granted..." Then I fail my PK again and again and laugh, and trip over the ball, and talk about that one time when.... Then I shut up for awhile and poke fun of Grace. But, I have tons of shit in my hair still so i'm attempting to get it out. Suddenly i remember the next line of that song so I sing that one in my head for awhile instead.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i must say that is the best blogg you have ever written. well i dont know but it was great. i loved the part about the water fight. we did the same thing at my youth group thing i was telling you about. haha i like round boobs too. i always am fucking around when we're supposed to be practicing PK's. im glad you dont think micheal more is an amazing guy or anything. thats the way my manager at work is, and its annoying. he says this like everynight "micheal moore is a great american!!!!" yeah. so ill ttyl.

11:08 PM  
Blogger joe said...


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Blogger Ruthie said...

o man that was a super crazy day...
at least dylan wasnt pmsing like the other day... heehee
her boobs could be hexagonal, or square, as well as round or triangular. and alot of ppls boobs r triangular! (especially when its cold)

12:29 PM  
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Anonymous Anthony said...

>Its so hot in my room...
If you think your room is hot then you should feel my room. I have an uninsolated attic that connects to my room. AHH now I am thinking about the rest of that paragraph (JK) ;)

Whipped cream fights are so much fun! We have one every year at my grandparents.

If you liked doing that work with the wood, you should build sets for plays.

5:00 PM  

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