Monday, June 20, 2005


So... its been a week and i've sufficiently learned that....

I desperately want to sleep with Emerson

I just have to wait until i get to Fucout

Everyone is selfish, and Nietzeh is right most of the time

I wish I could blog more often because i've been thinking way to much

My roommate is kick ass awesome

When Gus and George aren't hanging out in our room during free time were lost and walk around aimlessly until we decide to go in to the computer lab. When we open the door I yell when I see Gus' bright red hair "Their they are!" and every single head turns my way and me and Jennifer run out of the building laughing hysterically.

Axle Foaly is god... though is last name is Schum

Hoebag is a very good insult

Alex is a pimp

Wayd is super creepy but makes up for it because of his tube of cookie dough

Boner Boy is a rapist

Gus just walked up behind me mumbled something then walked away... I don't know what it was... i said hey but by the time I turned around he was gone with Donald. hm.... Why is no one online!?!?!?!?

I get really weird during evening sessions and make odd comments such as "were all gay.. party!" and wave my hands in the air until Kate tells me i'm weird and Amanda just nods... shes used to it by now.

I'm apparently 'one of those people' but in a good way... says Amanda

I carry around a Nalgene everywhere

Dante figured out you can fill it with lemonade and George filled his empty cup up with free lemonade at Wellspring when we went yesterday.

Gus bought us chocolate covered pretzels ... at a price

90's pop is best heard from underneath our window being sung by our RAG

Again Axle is god

So many people are Bisexual here... its like a massive group i feel left out of

Other people around me are blogging... only at tip

Anthony has a binary watch that for half an hour i checked every minute to see if i could read it

"Keep my momma out of it and i'll keep this out of your mom."

Michael is funny no matter what he says

Our room is the party room

I miss home... kind of... not really

I have so much to say...

I poured water on Chris one day and yesterday I poured milk all over him, and the wall, because Billie told me to and didn't think i'd actually do it.

Chris=Asshole 2 though he doesn't know this ranking while as Gus is #3 and attempted to get everyone to turn against me because I said i disliked Dave Mathews Band. Gus has never met a straight edge person but desperately wants to.

Older guys think Jennifer's hot cause she is.

Everyone HATES Durham

Gus and Donald and Michael just took my key to go find twinkies in my room but as I want to finish writing this i didnt go with them which was really stupid as I have no reason to trust them and I know they'll be going through our stuff. Whatever I don't care. I really don't want to go to evening session tonight though I seriously spent 8 hours reading today. All of this nietzie stuff and I explained why i disliked our school with lack of competition ... and blabla okay well Jennifer's done so I should run. Leave me some comments I miss you guys and calling is nice ;) or I saw Jeramie and Wellspring. I am so jealous of your cooking class guys... okay well I have to go return Kates boyfriends sweatshirt and go make sure all my stuff is still in my room. and... Axle is god


Blogger Jeramie said...

you should be...its SO GNARLY!! eric is awesome, and we made brownies/muffins/waffles/caramel today, and tomorrow we get to make sushi and much, much more!!

6:33 PM  
Blogger conviser said...

We miss you a little too.

1:33 PM  
Blogger georgia said...

gahhhh becca! i don't know how to communicate with you so i am trying your blog! calllll meeeeee

7:11 PM  
Blogger Henry said...

Yeah.Cooking was great. That's right.Cooking was great. we had fun without you. Kidding just jelous that ur having fun without US. I leave for camp soon.Maybe u will be on IMsometime before I leave.

12:31 AM  

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