Friday, August 26, 2005

Canada Eh?


and i'm back.


I love Salt spring Its my favorite place in the world.

and Joe just made my life with a joke. I'm out of the bitter mood i was in the last two hours.

But I finished the summer reading on the plane this afternoon. I loved one and the other one annoyed the shit out of me for a lot of reasons. Not saying that learning about race isn't highly important and not saying that the story wasn't amazing but still, it was a terribly written book that's I hate books that talk about families. I'm to annoyed at the world to enjoy things like that. So that gave me something to complain about, though the other book was amazing. But read the Graphic Novel, Persepolisbecause its actually interesting though everyone seems to hate it in my grade. What's with that?

The highlight was Oliver calling me Mommy though. I was baby-sitting them for a few hours one morning while my parents and Sasha went on a walk. And he goes "Mommy, will you get me some orange juice." And I grinned at him, "You just called me Mommy, you just called me mommy." He corrects himself automatically, "Becca will you get me some orange juice." Leo jumps in, You just called her Mommy! We make fun of him and then i pour him orange juice before i teach them how to bump down the stairs.

I played a lot of Pokemon with Sasha, I forgot how completely addicting it is and how amazing you feel when you grow Charizard another level. Its like your god except the people aren't real... But Leo and Oliver are cute and Leo knows all the words to Yellow Submarine which is his favorite. While Oliver knows all the words to Maxwell's Silver Hammer and likes it best. They also know all of When i'm 64 which is my favorite to watch them sing...

And to drive my parents insane i taught them to sing a song in the car...
Mmmmm Ah went the little green frog one day
Mmm Ah went the little green frog
Mmm Ah went the little green frog one day
and his eyes went Mmm Ah Mmm Ah Ah

Vroom Vroom went the big gray truck one day
Squish Squish went the little green frog
And his Eyes didn't go Mmm Ah anymore
cause they got eaten by a dog

Again, *sigh*


Blogger joe said...

whyd the electritian fix the exit sign!!!!! because u touch yourself at night!

whats the difference between a sic mallard and your mother?
ones a sick duck...and i forget the rest but ur mothers a whore!

3:00 PM  
Blogger joe said...

whats the diff between a football and ababy?
no1 laughs when u kick a football!!

3:01 PM  

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