Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Classes are...

1st-Foundations Of Lit. With Jamie
2nd-Introduction to Physical Science With Matt
3rd-African American Lit. With Jamie
4th-Intigrated 310/ Trig. With Dave
5th-Spanish II With Rob
6th-Middle School TA
7th-Beginning Acting With Susan
8th-Orientation Class

Mostly so I will Remember

Life's pretty boring

I ran in to Matt, the teacher, like ran ran in to him. During meeting for worship today Dru turns to me after Benjamin talked and says quietly in my ear, "hello captain obvious." I laughed for awhile, though i suppose it wasn't that funny. And Dylan imitated Juliettes brother in an english accent which was the best thing about lunch. Oh and during meeting for worship Sam Miron did an interpretive dance that was very very wonderful.

All my classes are really small, all except math. I think first period has like eight or ten, same with second and third. Fourth period is a huge, i think it has 18. But Matt told us, his second period class that being smaller is a lot better. I just think its weird not to be in classes with half our grade. I feel so separated from a lot of people, mostly ones in second period math. Dave, during fourth period asks us random questions as he calls our name. Dru and I were sitting next to each other and being like shit! i hope he doesn't ask us anything hard cause older people are in the class. He asked me if its worse having him as a temporary advisor or a teacher... I had no idea what to say and then was like, teacher because i'm stuck with you all year. I didn't think it was that funny and everyone else thought so and all i could think was YES i made sophomores and juniors laugh. Which shows how insignificant i've been feeling these past days. Spanish will be uh... all right i suppose.

I just bit my cuticle so my fingers bleeding, its really gross and really hurts. I'm ganna go get a Band-Aid. Seriously this is all that's interesting going on in my life. Oh right fencing sucked. The first time its actually ever sucked. It was deathly hot in there and i was scared matt would walk in any moment and didn't want him to and i was tired and upset and i did awful. I really don't want to talk about what i'm thinking though. Not now, not for awhile. My parents accuse me and whatever they say i say i'm not doing it. Or that yes i'm fine. Your acting weird, no i'm not. Are you okay, yeah i'm fine. Your having a fit, no no i'm not. Your freaking out, no no i'm not. ITs just me, messed up right now hoping that things don't end up a huge disappointment.


Blogger maxine said...

i know what you mean about feeling terribly insignificant.

6:41 PM  
Blogger Jeramie said...

uh yeah...try being in a class w/ only seniors and juniors...

5:24 PM  
Blogger Maddie said...


I saw you.

At the thing.

And then I met Johnny Depp.

And then I commented on Rebecca's blog.

Good day.

10:39 PM  

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