Tuesday, September 27, 2005


okay, let me finish my essay and then i'll tell you ALL about ACL... every little detail with many pictures to go along with it.

I just looked at the cradle website. We are Scientists coming! and Ambulance LTD. and The frames, the last two i saw at ACL.
But basically i need to write my essay now and stop trying to think of a way to get a ride to a concert that isn't for another month. It's not october yet, but when it is i can start really counting down until christmas. school still sucks, but third period is very wonderfull.

Austin was amazing though. I think i'm still in the after glow of it...

and a picture while you wait for me to finish my essay. Cause i know you all want to hear about it so bad:

Ambulance LTD

The crowd on Saturday


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