Tuesday, December 06, 2005


WHAT MAKES YOU HOT...something that you want but you haven't got
isn't that the way, just a game to play??...all day
Well I say you can bring the ice, the sweating will suffice
Your body parts are nice
Body parts are nice,
I can close my eyes,
And think about your lips;
They quiver to the tips of the fingers on my hand
I am a man with some secret plans I need to carry out.
You are my mission......impossible...at first
We're like cold fission...I feel an energy flow...flow..
Let it all go, close your eyes

this song is about sex
and Matt Bivins is not gay, though Georgias convinced herself he is.
These are a few of the things we learned today.

I'm attempting this keeping up with writing entries thing. I'm not sure why i'm bothering though? Maybe because typing is easier then actually making the effort to write something. Just so you know. I had an idea to get a HUGE tree for our homeroom but Rob wasn't that enthused. I'm listening to Blood on the Tracks, which we listened to every night before going to bed at TIP. It feels like all of the songs are drilled in the back of my mind. Like Joni Mitchell was when my dad would play Blue every night in the other room while i fell asleep.

During third period today Jamie was talking about the deep levels of hell in the Inferno. Then something a little bit amusing was said, and Chris and I are looking at each other from across the room, and he starts laughing which is hysterical. Because when Chris laughs you have no choice but to laugh with him. So we spend the last third of class laughing at each other and not paying attention. I tried to hide under Louise but Chris wouldn't stop so I gave up on attempting to listen. But before that i was leaning against Georgia and i closed one of my eyes to look at all the pictures Jamie has on his wall. Then i had the brilliant idea to measure them with my fingers from across the room. You know when something is just that much smaller from far away and you want to see how small it seems? Anyways i must have been doing that for a good minute when i realize no ones talking anymore. Then they all ask me what i'm doing. I'm not sure what to say. I think this is about the time Chris starts laughing.

Anyways third period's moved up to the favorite class position. Except were using imaginary numbers in math to solve negative roots so math is a close second. cause i'm probably the biggest dork ever. ever.

Usually my assumptions end up being false. Sometimes what turns out to be actually true scares but assures me at the same time. I've got my things to think about though. Sometimes the best interactions with people are when you run in to them while walking through a door. Then you have that awkward moment of standing in the door way. But its a nice awkward moment.

clap your hands and say yeah are coming March 3rd.

oh we also learned that Spencer is the fucking weirdest kid ever. I love him.
my parents came home. Tomorrow we get our Christmas Tree and i'm missing an ass load of school because all of this passport shit. I wonder if anyone's discovered i've starting writing nonsense shit in here again?

plus this is a picture i like, its my window :
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