Monday, December 12, 2005


Conversation over heard at the Tate Modern:
Where's Chris?
Downstairs i think...
I keep telling him he'd meet more people if he didn't hang around gay men all the time.
I know, i tell him the same. He's just getting dragged to these gay bars.
He needs to be hit on by some propper girls so he knows what to do.
He's done the man scene.
anyways you should try telling him or something.

I usually have a phobia of eating by myself but for some reason i sat there with my coffee and my art book about realism and was quite content for atleast an hour.

Hitler was an S&M addict.

I played my first record ever. Bob Marley actually...

Realized my camera is shit and wont take pictures with a flash so i hold the camera outside and its cold, and my hands shake so all my pictures are blurry.

Oh, and i've eaten enough food to last me past winter.

Londons amazing.

I'll edit this entry later, like when i get home. And add some pictures and actually maybe give some things explination. Or maybe they don't need that after all.


Blogger Maddie said...


Rebecca is actually posting again.

That is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Except chocolate.

Which I am eating a lot of.

Hope your winter break is great.

Aaand...just say you meant to make the pictures blurry. It's uh, artsy.

6:24 PM  

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