Thursday, December 08, 2005


did you know that super man can't actually fly? and that he actually jumps because the gravitational pull from Krypton is different from the one one earth.

I know, i was amazed too.

My mom picked me up at twelve because of all this NEW passport stuff we had to deal with. Meaning i'm leaving for London tomorrow instead.

"Wait how accurate is this map in size?"
"Rebecca, the countries are actually a lot bigger than that."

"Wouldn't me and Christmas be happy together though? Just Christmas and I in a little house, married and in love forever. We would never, ever get sick of eachother. I wouldn't have to talk to anyone else."

"Your an ugly mirror."

I pretty much failed when i fenced Sam all during class today. Maybe because he's a foot taller than me and left handed. Except he taught me how to flick and most of the times i'd end up beating him up anyways. But then we got in an argument about whether this thing you can do with your hands is a fox or a llama. It's a fox. Ask me sometime and i'll show you how right I am.

oh and check this shit out. We're all fucking insane.


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